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Affordable, cleaner energy for the world

Okra Energy, LLC (USA) is a multi-national liquified natural gas (LNG) energy company that has been supplying affordable LNG to the US, Caribbean and Latin American markets since 2016. Offering first-in-country modular and scalable precision engineering solutions delivering the most economical LNG, facilities are currently established in the US, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Bulgaria and Guatemala. Commercial and residential consumers enjoy reliable and lower energy costs while reducing the adverse impact on their environment.

Specifically Okra Energy specializes in the engineering, supply and delivery of LNG with a focus on small-scale liquefaction (ssLNG) technology. Our mission is to deliver affordable, environmentally-friendly energy to customers while driving excellent investor returns.


Okra Energy connects stranded natural gas energy and stranded consumers by leveraging innovative thinking and deep industry expertise to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the confluence of low energy prices, technological advances, evolving energy demands and an inefficient, legacy energy infrastructure.

Okra Energy’s mission is to deliver affordable, environmentally-friendly energy to customers while driving excellent investor returns.

Our management teams offer international expertise with proven success in natural gas energy technology, engineering, design/development, logistics, finance and project management, including the technical and thought leadership for multinational corporations including General Electric, Siemens, ENGIE, Wartsila, Prometheus, Caterpillar, SoEnergy, FNX Technologies, Société Générale, J.P. Morgan, Microsoft and Google, among others.


Okra Energy comprises world ­class engineers, project managers, and regulatory experts, distinguished by extensive experience in the biggest energy challenges both on land and at sea. Years of engineering experience in energy, shipping and cryogenics give Okra Energy an edge in designing and providing state­of­the­art power generation systems as well as assisting clients with the transition to environmentally clean, economical natural gas energy. Capabilities include LNG transfer and operations, power generation systems, gas turbines, dual fuel engines, cryogenic material specifications and cryogenic piping, valves, and pumps.

Our expertise spans:

  • Acquisition, sale and delivery of LNG

  • LNG engineering, consulting, and design

  • LNG feasibility and siting studies

  • LNG implementation and startup

  • Export and import facilities

  • LNG barges and bunkering

  • Sourcing and financing of LNG transitions and implementations


Small-scale liquefaction plants enable “stranded” consumers —those without geographic, logistical or financial access to natural gas pipelines— to avail themselves of the benefits of clean-burning, efficient and affordable natural gas, quickly, independently and without massive capital investments. Small-scale LNG represents a modern, decentralized, distributed and affordable energy solution for developing markets.  


Our competitive advantage lies in the fact that our direct sources of natural gas coupled with our low-overhead business model ensure a low-cost, reliable and uninterrupted supply of high-quality LNG, thereby offering power generators, businesses, industries and municipalities the highest-efficiency fuel on the market, at a significant reduction in costs over diesel or compressed natural gas (CNG).

The difference between success and failure is a great team.
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